Good Days Roll as Stars Rise At Night


As the day progressed, I had barely finished my crossroad puzzle; interruptions, x100! First, the air conditioning breaker “blew,” next, a knock at the door, (sounded like a rocket going off), my neighbor had gotten locked out of her house, a few calls that took longer than I anticipated. These are the kind of days, I’d rather stayed in bed with a pillow over my head!

So, I wanted to get back to the puzzle; finishing it was starting to become a personal competition. By now, I was hungry and headed toward the fridge, “Whoa!” There was a lunch on the kitchen counter, with a handwritten “note attached,” fresh picked flowers with a “heavenly perfumed” aroma; “mmmm, wonderful,” I can breathe again! The Note read: Honey, my sweetie Dear, you’ve had a hard day, I hear! I am not home right now, please partake in this food that I’ve left Out. I will be home in a little while, maybe we can sit on the couch, have a glass of wine, watch a movie, go for a walk, or just relax next to our puppy, Sal…I Love You,,,My Sweetie Dear!!😍

The food was “deliciously perfect,” For the man of my dreams knew my day was a wreck, had ordered the food from a neighborhood ‘my fave – pasta restaurant,’ had it delivered through the back door, where the “locked out neighbor,” accepted it, set the whole surprise up, with flowers and the “Precious Note.” My gratefulness extends to: restaurant cook, delivery person, my neighbor, and this wonderful “old chap” — My husband.

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