Bigots; racists; haters; trolls; prejudices, etc. I hear these words far too often. Maybe you are the problem, ever consider that? Maybe you need to interact with the public and stop whining. And grow up! If you are an adult and you have a need to continually call someone out on some type of hate; drop that person, they are not your friend! I am white, if any person irritates me, I will drop them. And I will never waste a second of my time revisiting. No one is perfect, and if you aren’t liked because of skin color or your gender preference, who cares?, “it’s your business!” I am so tired of hearing words of hatred, but I do not dwell on it. Nope! I point out to them, “how can you not like a whole group of people!” Then, they elaborate; we each point out our views. I make my decision if I want to continue being around you or not, I maybe can help you, change your opinion.

This message is certainly not only for the haters of groups of people. If you are lgbt, be proud of who you are. Everyone is not on your side. I was friends with a woman several years ago, that dressed as a woman, a voice as a woman, she pointed out that she had many surgeries, and other things. By all appearances she was a woman. However, it has been pointed out to me that she was possibly a transsexual. Now, why on earth, would anyone keep a secret, if they’re confident, happy? I remember her saying a lot of unusual things, but nothing direct. Which I ended up dropping her as a potential friend because of her guessing this or that. I’m an adult, do as you wish, but I have my imaginary boundaries, cross them and “bye!”

I utilize my phone a lot. My phone has been hacked. Fake websites. Even my game that I play, someone has made an account mirroring my account! Google messages me, you have someone trying to access your account! I have had posts changed, deleted. Change your password is the only advice I get! Duh, I tried that. A Linux server in Oklahoma City has logged in to my stuff many times, for years! I reset to factory settings, lost photos, personal items, and nothing helps!

I, No longer care! If someone has that much time to sit around and watch what I do, is a pathetic person! A hater, a bigot! Maybe they don’t care for strong women, or the fact that I’m single, or maybe Interested but too scared to communicate, so they hide behind a machine and troll. Guess what! You are the problem, you use technology knowledge for ill use, you are an abusive person! You’re nosying around on my personal stuff. If my front door is open, you can’t walk in! So, why do you think it’s okay to log in and take a front seat to my online world. You are hateful, you think you’re intelligent by hacking?! No, you are a creep that lacks empathy. Maybe you attend church every Sunday, read the Bible? Hey, it’s not doing you any good! Food for tbought: Faith without works is dead!

People get a damn life. Your own Life. Stop, following people, Be a Leader! If you are a woman, and you’re being abused; for gawds sake Get Out of that arrangement! He hates you! No one that loves you is going to beat, belittle, patronize, ostracize you. You Are You, No one else is You! Make your own decision, don’t rely on someone else telling you how to live!

#MeToo movement, Congratulations, for doing something to change society standards that were allowed because of a long history of tolerance. However, when you dress in a cute tight fitting outfit, showing your derriere, legs., and you receive flirtatious comments, politely tell them it’s offensive: then Mark them off your friend list. Do not go to job interviews where you are trapped, simple steps for protection. If you desire a career move faster than coworkers, get yourself educated! Take public speaking courses, mingle and learn professional etiquette — dining, drinking, communication. All important for corporate visibility. And for gawds sake learn how to dress! Business Professional means wear a nice suit, heels if you’re a woman! Save your money, budget! Buy nice clothes! Everyone I know that has come close to shattering the “glass ceiling,” dresses well. No showy tats, No pink hair either!

I read Twitter everyday, I follow Trump. A lot of flak in the comments section about him, mostly negative! Seriously, if he is our President, and I guess he is, be respectful. You voted for him! He won! I feel like an idiot living in a world where the population “hates,” the elected party. It is bazaar.

Okay, well I’m done! My personal hacker may not let this be read, lol, but these are things I tell anyone in conversation, anyway!

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