This Too, “Could Happen to You”


“New curtains, yay!”
All new wall hangings, too!
Replacement furniture, galore! Ah, yes, wood floors!
But that isn’t all, I also want to paint the walls!
A blend of colors for each room!
Hurry up, “I have relatives visiting soon!”
Lest, we forget to redecorate, “the bathroom!”
I’m so happy, “this is such a surprise!”
I want to start and work til’ sunrise!
These plans have been on my mind; “for quite sometime!”
No fear, I had made lists of what I’d do, initially, it was just ‘deja vu!’
Then my brain got cracking and I thought about ‘more’ hammering, sawing, painting, tacking!
I can smell the scent of the hardware floors,
In my new decoration, I will never bore!
But you see, “I have a problem, that is come to my attention,” the contractor has brought lots of supplies, “on a pallet!”
I rift through looking for tools, nails, saws, levels; “oh goodness,” there’s, “No Mallet!”

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