“I Don’t Really, Wish” But, If I Did….


If I sat still long enough with zero thoughts, a few wishes just might be summoned for. “Randomly,” off the top of my head: month-long vacation, mini Cooper, loft apartment, new outfits. That is a short list, I have things to do — I could really use new furniture, appliances, brand make-up, heels, a bicycle, lasik surgery, laptop. This could get seriously longer, if I was not mind-busy. 

Fortunately, I am a conscientious budgeter and live within, “income to debt.” That fantasy list is not a must-have goal; just some wantee stuff, I could probably use, but can live without. Currently, I have what I need. A long vacation would be “awesome,” a month, is the minimum, no negotiating. I cannot possibly, “relax and enjoy a trip, where I am rushed.” Does that sound childish? You bet, but it’s true because I want to see and do everything. I can take off anytime for a few days, with no particular destination, and return feeling, exuberant. But when my mind wanders to how I might like a vaca; it’s my wish (carte blanche), I want it my way.

Mini Coopers are rare: exterior design, color scheme, is unique and attractive, to me. I am not British, but when I drove a Volvo, I wasn’t German, either. My Mini order is royal blue, white stripes on the hood, a baby car seat, (for my grandson).  Remember, this is a wish? But it might be fun to drive this amazing car.

A preference for city life, probably derives from a “love of city lights” and a population of diverse groups of people. It would be my dream to live in the city. And if I had “a wish giver,” I’d want a loft apartment. My dreams are easy to fulfill and are financially sound choices, I would assume any genie would see that! There are many people who drive Mini Coopers, live in high-risk lofts and plan extra-long vacations. If everyone were given magical wish(es), I am sure the lists would be staggering with an infinity of variations.

My list is material driven; because, wishes are not real. There is no Santa flying in the sky delivering gifts at Christmas, to well-behaved people; a Fairy does not pay us for losing teeth; there is not a 8′ tall talking bunny, and there is most certainly not A Genie granting wishes; however, when you have some free time, you can dream of a few nice conveniences, ‘no harm in that.’

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