Music Man


You just never know who you may run into while out doing errands, shopping. So, many years ago — so many, that I cannot remember, exactly when. I was out with my daughter shopping at a local mall. We had entered through the South Side, making our rounds to selected stores. Afterwards, we ended up on the far North End; this is a distance, from where we parked. As we continued walking through the mall, I notice, in the far corner nestled behind “lavish greenery,” a white baby grand piano! I know, this is for a special event. There are rows of seating set-up, for a performer. We were both famished, exhausted from our day of walking, so looking any further into, as to why, this “masterful piece of musical equipment was sitting alone, was not my interest.” Being tired and hungry takes center stage to mostly everything else.

Well, shortly after, within a few days or week had passed, I was reading a local newspaper. An article headlining, the famous jazz musician “Ray Charles,” had made an appearance at the mall the same day, after we had left. “So close, but missing out,” on Ray Charles? Really?!


Recently, I was driving around looking; for perfect “photo ops?” I passed this modest home, and took a passerby photo of a man, “fretting on his acoustic guitar.” He appears worry-free sitting on the porch, “a world where only a few experience.” The setting was a perfect story .

Later, as I sat doodling with filters, I thought of that “baby grand piano, too.” The commonality of two men? One frets on his guitar, while the other played the keys on a piano.

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