Down Time, Thinking



“It had been a beautiful day for the most part,” I had thought, to myself; sitting on the curb “patiently watching,” as the shade-tree mechanic tore engine thingys from my car. As I reflected on the purchases, from a well-deserved shopping spree — Coach leather purse, sandals with a 1 1/2″ heel (I loathe flats), bathing suit (finally, a stylish one), and a French Parfume.

Over the past year, “So, many opportunities had slipped through my fingers, I could hardly keep up.” I had been overwhelmed, “changes, were moving faster than I ever imagined.” As always, when approached with a new opportunity, I preferred to think through the pros and cons at my own pace. I had a long-history of weeding out the good and/or bad points, on any move; this was me, I can give you a definite reply, but “be patient,” while I am working out a response that will be conducive to my situation. To my regret, my method of thinking isn’t cool with everyone; so many times, they had desired answers quickly, too quickly. “That door was not for me,” always came to light.

“What, sir?” I asked. “The mechanic is speaking loudly,” looking, blankly at me. I had been so caught up in my shopping trip and decision making; now, here I am in the middle of nowhere, car broke down and I am caught up in this mind warfare, it is “spilling, out everywhere.” Quickly, I jumped to my feet turning toward the repairman opening my car door, and hearing the familiar sound of my car crank. His smile, the car engine, were enough to call this another, beautiful day.

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