Wind Noise


“A familiar chattering kept me awake, last night.” Our beautiful weather had lasted for a few short days, but quickly changed to “strong winds and a cold front.” If you can imagine: wearing shorts, perspiring from the heat to wearing jeans, long sleeves, coats.

The weatherman had properly warned “viewers,” of the extreme changes. It is Texas, we are used to waking in the heat, and the temperature dropping in the 30’s by bedtime. I am sure other States have similar drastic changes; Texans tend to believe this “only happen’s here.”

A neighbor has a planted a nice garden, decorated with varying yard details; stake lights, unique lawn flags, “Chimes.” I accentuated, “Chimes,” for a huge impact, for they are the protagonist, main idea of my story.

If you can picture this scene, “High Winds,”topped with an incessant chiming! You cannot call the local police to ask for the neighbors to turn down their tv/radio volume, there is no knob to turn this object off, “Chimes, are special,” they achieve their Song by the wind speed!

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