D’ Nd

Imagine communicating only through writing, hand gestures, billboards, license plates, ads on vehicles. Where everything was a message to decipher, “There is no doubt technological advances could not create apps for “reality games.” Can it be, “dn tho?” Utilizing the alphabet and numbers to pull it off, completely without ever speaking a word, showing up, meeting face-to-face.

Off the top of my head, this is an example: (8nf 24C 98 dt9 34), ain’t enough, to foresee, innate, date’n, thru. A creative idea? Maybe create an app, for a “public reality game?” If you have paid attention there are advertisements on vehicles, marketing businesses: Advanced care, Professionals, We Deliver. Driving through traffic a pink truck swerved in front of me with “DYGIRL,” on the license plate. “What were they thinking, with that?” I recalled some other plates, “GiGi, PAPA, TEAM,” all seem harmless enough, but I immediately thought of who I knew were named GiGi, etc. In psychology, I think it’s referred to as the Power of Suggestion.

Technology has exploded.” I have many social media apps on my cell — FB, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, all have unique uses that have served me well. As I was driving through Tennessee, an Apple Truck passed by me, there were huge Cams placed on the roof. I thought of Google Maps, Google Earth — guiding me to my directed location, exact turns, showing my location every step of the way, the map visibly displays all businesses in my vicinity. If I need gasoline, a restaurant, Wal-Mart, it is a click away, and you will be there shortly. A phone assistant can direct you to the front door of “virtually, anyplace you have in mind to go.”

I am “amazed technology,” has advanced to this point. It is hard for me to accept the intensity of changes, since I grew up in an era where homes had a rotary phone, no tv remote control, cars were human-figure controlled, letters written and mailed, school was a full day. I like old-fashion communicating, “it fits.” But I am no tech-nerd, the old way is fine with me; however, I do enjoy remotes, flat-screen televisions, laptops, smart phones. These are conveniences that have made life easier for me and millions of others. In promoting my new “communicating program,” I need to talk to a tech expert or maybe I will just look for ads.

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