With Some Hope


Honey Suckle,” is my favorite plant (which, lined behind our backyard swingset), brings, “fond memories, of my childhood.” The scent of Honeysuckle in the air, “is like no other, to me.”

I have raised ivy forever, I recommend it to anyone looking for a plant to raise. The care is simple and an ivy is decorative, just “snap,” below a notch on the stem, replant in soil, within 6-8 weeks, (repeat this process every other month), you’ll have some new leaves, and a fuller “eye appealing plant.” You will have mastered a new skill and pleasantly surprised, everyday.”

With years of experience in caring for and growing premature plants into 2-5 ft. miniature trees behind me, this Spring, I ventured into seed planting. This is somewhat, “new to me.” Purchasing a plant and growing a plant from a seed is very different, requiring much more “work.”

An unused small apartment garden was cleared of weeds, soil turned, brick edging added; I planted caladium bulbs, dahlias, elephant ears (love these big plants), sunflower seeds, zinnias, some mint, too. On an experimental note, I planted tomatoes. They are showing, yippee. With a glimmer of hope, “All plants, will grow!” 🙂

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