That Annoying Light

“When did it start, I questioned?” You know, the illuminated lights that glare from our: alarm clocks, televisions, phones, video equipment, microwave, dishwasher, stove, fire alarms, multi-adapters. These items glow from every angle during the night, I’ve taught myself to “keep my eyes off those objects, since studies have shown the light can halter sleep.” Who needs, “that aggravation?”

The only light I enjoy, is a soft luminescent light. There are many types of lighting, for one, “chandaliers,” I love the fancy styles with hanging crystal (so, pretty). A traditional floor lamp can serve a multitude of uses, too. “And guess what,?” There are on/off buttons for when if we want to use the appliance, this button will not create any disturbance at all when you use it again. Unlike those infrared items, I listed. The fire alarms have to stay “On,” we can all agree on that 100%. I presume, like me, that mostly everyone keeps their phones “on,” microwaves are routinely kept “plugged in,” the tele is left “plugged in,” too.


As technology continually improves “daily,” I have a request to the Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world, “Can you please eliminate those annoying, neon-ish red and and green lights? Perhaps, indicator lights that do not interfere with “sleep?”

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