Enjoy, Every Minute


The life I have now consists of leisurely waking, I do not abuse this by sleeping into late mornings, though. I prepare a breakfast that fits my appetite, maybe toast and jelly, cold cereal, fruit. I may eat at the breakfast table or sit on the living room sofa and select to watch news, check out the weather, listen to a vaiety of morning hosts, it really just depends on what “I feel like.”
“Upon, Reflecting,” my life was far different in previous years. There were appointments, school drop-offs, activities, work schedules, I had been “very busy.” A way of life, “rush here, rush there,” never a moment, unplanned. Hardly a day, where the home was quiet.
In retrospect, I miss being needed. The children are grown now with families of their own. Probably, “rushing,” to get everything done and rarely any “free time.” It may seem “hectic” by listening to such a life, but if I was ever asked how to handle it, my response would be, “Enjoy, every minute, these are the best years.”

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