It’s Never Too Late, (I think)


My reflections from high school writing were that of someone who wrote, “to fulfill a homework assignment.” It was ordinary to research papers through the library and utilize home encyclopedias. Once, the needed information was ready to draft a paper, I began to “write.” I usually made an acceptable grade, even though, I had provided little effort. The English Grammar classes were boring to me, so I did not apply myself in that area.

Early on, I loved the outdoors, appreciating nature. I took photos of everything, all the family “get-togethers.” These pics are valuable to my family now that they are older, as “I have noticed the family has multiplied, they want “copies,” of these “teenage photographer” photos.”

For 20 years, I took classes through a local college, where writing is absolutely, “necessary.” I had known that I could draft a letter effectively to anyone. However, my writing was in an “inchoate stage.” During college, I competed with seasoned writers, and I grew increasingly interested in “Writing,” and “Presenting the Very Best Work.” I received many compliments on my papers, one professor wrote, “this paper is almost perfect.” I knew it had been good, but receiving a comment from an academia, and from an unbiased person who had recognized, that I had some talent was Awesome.

After a long break, I am writing for leisure on this site, thinking about books, and imagining, “Maybe I’ll write a book one day?”