Technology, “IMO”

I feel “very” fortunate to had lived during the decades, where a home phone, plugged into a bedroom, kitchen, living room wall, was the “norm.” During, evening hours, after school, there were calls made and/or received. I could literally count on one-hand, the number of times random calls from telemarketers, scammers, were on the line.

When it was “term paper” season at high school, classmates made time for the local library, card catalogue. The process was time-consuming but “necessary” if you wished to graduate on time. It was a social opportunity to gather with “peers” an work on class projects. Most importantly, it was face-to-face meetings, making plans.

On a recent visit to a local library, they have “on-display” a card catalogue stand. Of course, technology has replaced the need for this antique, but those of us that have had to actually rely on its interior carding system, it brings back memories of “time” that was less complicated, or say technological.

There are definite “pros” and “cons” to every single thing. You say, “Up.” I could debate on why “down” is better. It is all matter of opinion(s). Technology has prices, too. Not just the costs of the newest “smart” cell phones, flat screen televisions, computers, lol. It is much more. Those annoying acronyms, lol, brb, imo, and a hundred others, that shorten our sentences. I admit I have picked up the “popular (tiny-worded), acronyms,” too. I have young adults, in my life, and I, tend to follow trends.

On a “pro” technology note, I use my smart phone everyday for a zillion things: email, instant messages, calling, googling every and anything I need help with, social media platforms, news, weatherupdates, to plan my day and/or week. The list is endless for technology uses. That is my personal use(s), businesses definitely benefit from the latest tech gadgets.

As precautionary as I am, “hackers, scammers” are IMO the most pathetic group. I have found upon reading an online popular newspaper, there were countless errors in the material. I have read enough papers in my lifetime to know when educated journalists, writers, are writing. I have zero idea of how to “fix” these problems. The technology world as I had known is no longer the same, now, I am finding myself proofreading for errors to exclude any faulty websites.

In My Opinion, it appears that technology is here “forever”but everyone has to be vigilant, “where, there’s a will, there’s a way,” comes to mind. I keep searching for ways to “combat” tech viruses, apparently, I am far behind in technology, because they are ruining my morning paper, “reading-ritual.”

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