What’s Considered Crazy?

As many people do, I use the “term” crazy, far too often. It seems to me that I tend to use it very loosely as a fill-in word, like the, but, do, but realistically as common-place as I use “crazy” I know using “crazy” is a step in an unknown direction where I’m seeking to describe something unusual, and I just cannot put my finger on what else to say. “That’s crazy, she’s crazy, he’s crazy,” which is, redundantly overused but it is an easy word to use to clear the air rather quickly, as if saying “That’s Crazy,” just fixed everything.

So, I am well aware that I am not the only person on this vast planet that overuses words to the point where, writing about “using” one particular word needs immediate attention. I have my own ideas on areas that come to mind as crazy, which for you psychology professionals, I only mean “crazy” as a catch-all, I Do Not mean to use it for purposes as diagnosing any individual or anything of the sort. It is not my job to counsel or find mental problems, I know mental health is Very Important and I would never joke about anyone who is suffering from mental disease.

I believe paying a pilot to take you up in the clouds and the only protection from “life and death,” is a parachute, dropping you several hundred feet to the ground, is uh, crazy. On that same note, after watching car racing on television I took notice of the immensely high speeds those drivers reach. I’m thinking to myself, are you kidding? There is no way I would ever consider driving, as fast as over 150mph. Matter of fact, I can attest to driving up to 90mph, and that was on a long stretch of interstate driving. Not speed-racing on an oval speedway with spectators cheering me on! It is, flat-out crazy! Oh but, racing and parachuting, are certainly not the only “crazy” activities that I know of as being close to, if not down-right suicidal. The snow covered mountains are beautiful, however, I am not interested in being harnessed with a group of hikers trekking up one. It does not seem like fun to me or healthy to hike a mountain that could avalanche. Plus, if you just happen to get hungry, all you can carry are beef jerky, protein bars. Those backpacks look small. And what about the wild animals? Such as, bears, Big Cats, and tbose awful snakes that are very intelligent, just patiently waiting on you to pass thru.

Point is, I can go on and on about What’s Crazy to me. Obviously, people turn “crazy” activities into careers and are enjoying their lives. All I am saying here is, it’s crazy.

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