Familiarity is Real

The majority of people need to “work” doing something that interests them or “work” to pay bills to live. The type of work you choose really depends on what kind of life you may have in mind. Whether it is living in a metropolitan area in a loft, buying a ranch home with acreage or maybe, just a modest apartment. All are unique choices and depends on the “working,” individuals’ lifestyle.

From my perspective I prefer city life as opposed to country living. I am familiar with animals howling in the pasture, propane gas, unpaved roads, lack of convenient shopping. That is a small list of country living I personally could not benefit from in exchange for breathing country air.

My past living environment consisted of living in a small city with a population of 20k, a city of over 100k+.

Currently, my life is centralized in a small college town, country city, where there are few, if any, sidewalks, curbs, inadequate shopping options. It is those common bonds that connect me here.

I rarely see my adult children, they are married and are busy living their lives. However, I feel close to them being in the area. Whenever I drive closer to familiar cities, memories “kick-in” and I feel home, again.

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