Happy Fathers' Day, To all parent(s) whose role was caring for their children as a single parent, performing double duty as mom and dad. To the parent(s) that chooses to buy things their children need first. To the parent(s) that doesn't whine about child support payments. Btw, do you realize single parents are paying child … Continue reading Parent

Be Nice-er

My social media is inundated with comments concerning mental health.  Everyone weighs in when celebrities are involved, "we're all important to someone," I keep thinking." But are we being good friends to those in our circles?  No one is perfect, and we can't take on the world's problems.  However, if a person in your inner … Continue reading Be Nice-er


Once again, I am on the road, "to where, I'm not sure." I do know, sitting around doing hardly anything "fun or memorable," is certainly not the path I had envisioned for my adult life, post raising children. Everyone is all grown up now, living their independent lives, and I have found my own world … Continue reading ReTracking

Is This Fake, Too?

Just this past week, I shuffled through "my news worthy items," or rather, important must reads that I want to know.  I've read some devastating, heart-wrenching news that turns out "was not actually, true." I guess, in a way, if a fake news story had related that a well-known celebrity had died and a few … Continue reading Is This Fake, Too?